Real Estate Photography

Nowadays tenants have only few minutes to view pictures of properties on internet and on social medias. Quality pictures will go a long way to make your property stands out from all the other properties on the market.

We are the only one in Yangon to offer unsurpassed photography shooting services to landlords.

We shoot our projects with professional full frame DSLR camera mostly in natural light. A photo shoot will last in between 1 and 2 hours, depending of the size of the property. Then the pictures will be processed in the next 72 hours. The photos will be downloadable from our website through a personal password. You will have the high resolution photos and also photos optimised for Facebook so, it will be easy for you to share it on social medias. If you don't have a fast internet connection, we can also give you the pictures in a USB key.

Then you will be able to advertise your property by yourself without agents or agent fees.

The price of the photo shoot depends on the size of the property. Please contact us for quotation.

To prepare your property to maximize photo potential  please follow the guidelines below:

- Clean well and De-clutter.

- De-clutter rooms which may be excessively furnished as they do not photograph well.

- Remove, replace or repaint anything that you would spend more time to clean than paint.

- Clean every windows.

- Clean the floor.

- Open the curtain to let the light in.

In the living room:

- Remove plastic sheets protections from the sofa.

- Remove newspapers and most magazines.

- Hide all TV/Stereo remotes.

- Arrange the throw pillows.

- Consider removing some furniture to give space.

- Conceal all exposed cables as best possible.

- Remove any clutter, personal photos, from bookshelves, tables and cabinet.

In the kitchen:

- Counter space is prized so clear off counter tops of most but not all appliances.

- Wipe clean Remove photos, notes and papers from the refrigerator and anything on top.

- Clean and polish the major appliances refrigerator, oven and range hood.

- Remove any garbage containers.

In the bedrooms:

- Make all beds and tidy bedrooms.

- Remove plastic sheets protections from the beds.

- No clothes visible.

- Remove items from bedside tables – books, magazines, pictures, water bottles, etc.

- Clean the closets inside and outside.

In the bathrooms:

- Clear off the counter tops – toothbrushes, shavers, soap dishes, tissue and lotion dispensers, makeup mirrors, etc. should all be cleared away.

- Remove shampoo and other products from the shower/tub area.

- Get a plastic shoe box to store the items when you are away.

- All toilet seats should be down and lid closed.

-Mirrors should be clean.

-No trash cans.

The cleaner the property, the better the pictures will be.

To view some of our work please click on the pictures below.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or to book a property photo shoot.

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