Services for landlords

My Home Yangon will help you to rent your property and to maximize your investment. 

We will help you from the very first day of your project by sharing with you our knowledge of renovation, decoration and foreign tenant's taste.

Our clients range from young professionals to seasoned expatriates. all our clients will take good care of your property.

With our expertise your property will be on the market a shorter period of time than with other companies and your property will really shine.

We provide via our website high quality pictures and accurate descriptions. Only clients interested in your property will come to visit and it will save you a lot of time.

How does the perfect property look like?

Here is the answer !

The perfect property

The perfect property should:

Not be located on a main road.

Be located in a quiet environment.

Have large clear windows.

Have natural light in every rooms.

Not have iron bars on the windows.

The perfect property decoration

The property should:

Be painted white.

Have warm lighting (no neon).

Not have tiles in living room, dining room or bedroom.

Have simple, plain color tiles in bathroom.

For detailed information and tips  each pictures from the following galleries have captions with exhaustive knowledge and advice. 

We hope that the information provided will help you to design the perfect property.

Few furniture shops in Yangon also offer quality product and modern design. Two of our favourite shops are: PICCOLO design and Yangon Green Furniture.

For more design and decoration ideas, Architectural Digest website offers magnificent pictures and in-depth text about exceptional properties. 

If you wish to advertise your property on your own we also offer a stand-alone photography service. For more information please visit our page: Real Estate Photography.

Contact Us for more information, tips and ideas on how to make your property the best on the market !

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